little claire

Poetry clairebeach

Over the years, Claire wrote and published many books of poetry.
This excerpt is from her most recent book, "Where Never is Forever".
She had written this book after she had become legally blind. She never complained about losing her sight,
in fact, she said the world had
become more beautiful than ever.
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Now I am blind I see the sky open
Like Curtains in a room
And stars like candies with their wrapper gone
And moons and suns on every glimmer corner.
I rarely saw such beauty in the days
When I still had my eyes
To be blind is to be at an art opening
(Matisse, Matisse Van Gogh Van Gogh)
Surprise surprise.

And some disconnect
Can make us cry or laugh in awe
That eyes that cannot see reality
Now often see something better.

In the beginning was the land and sky.
Then funny animals and millions of years later
People, after people, libraries
To save their stuff.
The Bancroft Library
Has gobs of stuff that people want to save.
I want to save my stuff too.
The data reproduces by itself.
A book makes books, manuscripts the same.
Tapes give birth to tapes and the library overflows
Until the tsunami rolls in one sunny day
And washes it away.

Roll out the sheets of eyes.
Wind them up to read the data base.
Ain't this world a strange and funny place?

Now I am blind I see great foaming oceans
In every glass of water
High mountains whiter than cream
Lost cities in every puddle
Jeweled buildings on every street
Ebbing fires in the middle
Rise up before me at the touch of morning.
Baskets of flowers hang from every window
And all the world is sliver lined, and dreams
Turn real and shimmer and shake now I am blind.